I felt like I had no time all summer to build an outdoor sofa, and all of a sudden September had arrived and I was still lacking the soft outdoor furniture piece necessary to properly enjoy my backyard.

So I decided to stop procrastinating, and I went out into my work shop and decided not to come out until my sofa was complete. I almost made it too! I finished building it one day, and painted it the next, and now I’m writing this post while I’m sitting on it!

I went so fast that I didn’t even take progress pictures, but here it is in all its glory:

Before paint


After paint


I ended up having to make the plans a little bit smaller because I couldn’t find cushions that were large enough, so I find it more comfy without the back cushions because it gives you more room to lean back.


The cushions are from Pier One, I haven’t tackled sewing just yet! And the plans are here: